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The Silk Circle is a devoted space for women of all ages to share our stories, connect more deeply & meaningfully with self, others and the cycles of nature, both within and without.  


SACRED SILK is a collaborative process, where we co-create the circle, our container together. We all have a story to tell, a lived experience that we welcome you to bring and share; to weave into the sacred web of life!

There is power, healing and medicine in community, in laughing and crying together, in celebrating and holding one another, in seeing ourselves through others and allowing ourselves to be seen truly how we are, accepting & honouring the complexity of 'being human!'

We believe that everyone needs a devoted space in which we can come to witness each other & share our stories; what's on our minds and in our hearts, without the need for a mask, nor judgement or the need to 'perform' in any particular way.

A space where we can be held, nourished, encouraged, celebrated and supported. Where we can drop our armour, lay down our weapons and connect deeply with self & others.  

This is an invitation to come and experience the richness, & transformational  power , often referred to as 'The Magic of Circle'.

We all have a story to tell, ones of joy, sorrow, challenge, triumph,  love, heartbreak, gratitude and adventure,  things we have learned, and things we still are yet to know, there is wisdom to be woven from giving voice to our inner worlds.


At The SilkCircle.... ALL OF YOU IS WELCOME ☥


What wisdom will you weave into The Silk Circle





The Silk Circle will often begin with a welcome & invitation to introduce yourself, we will go over circle guidelines and establish any personal ones. Then we will move into a meditation or some inspiring/thought provoking words, from poetry, stories or literature for example.  We will then open for sharing and this is where the magic & mystery unfolds as we step out of our own way & give space to own voices (or our silence!) One of the beautiful things about circle process, is that it is an invitation into the unknown! There is no right or wrong way to be in circle, we welcome all forms of your expression. You are in no way required to come to circle and share, you are welcome to come, hold compassionate space and be witness to others, while feeling held in its container also.



That we as a collective are yearning for places where we can gather & connect with each other in an ancient way with intention and meaning

There is something potent, transformational and healing that comes from sharing our stories, ideas & emotions with others

That there is a collective need for ritual spaces, where can honour our own & Nature's rhythms, honour rites of passage & (re)connect with our Ancestral Lineages 

In inclusivity, that everyone regardless or race, culture or financial position should have access to these spaces

That we are all Living Manuals full of wisdom to share, we gather in circle to keep the leader in every chair!


In Circle, you are invited to come as you are, there is no need to wear  a mask, nor is there a need to perform. We gather together to share our stories, experiences, inspiring words, or poetry as we witness each other's raw beauty.

We weave wisdom with our words; and find the sacred silk thread that connects us all.

All Hands In


Seasonal Circles

Honouring the Cycles of Nature | 3 Month Devotional Space | 90mins

Wet Autumn Leaves

Online Circles

Online Circles, held in the comfort of your own home. A moment of Serenity

Woman with Laptop

Themed Circles

Circles with a set theme or intention | Individual & Block Sessions | 90mins


 ( Personal + Corporate Hosting)

Hold your Own Circle

We will facilitate and guide you in running your own Women's Circle. 


Gathering together around a fire or flame in Circle is an Ancient Practice that has been preserved by Native & Indigenous Cultures all throughout the world, from Native American Indians, through Africa to Ancient Celtic traditions.

There is power when women gather, and there is magic when we share our inner world into the safety of the container that is The Circle. 


Circle gathering is an ancient practice

that can unite us all!

Wild Mushrooms

It is our mission to create devotional spaces for getting together & rekindling the practices of our ancestors in the past.

It is our mission to hold circle for those who feel isolated (even if surrounded by others!) or wish to challenge the idea that 'isolation is safer'!

It is our mission to support those who are called to reconnect to the Cycles of Nature & the cycles within

To advocate for the cultivation of circle spaces that are trauma informed & actively seek to protect the wellbeing of all who attend

At the SACRED SILK we are aligned with the mission of our Mentor Gemma Brady; Founder of Sister Stories.

"Sister Stories is on a mission to revive the practice of sitting in Circle so it becomes woven into the tapestry of life once more." (GEMMA BRADY - SISTER STORIES) 


I am tempted to think that when the focus of every day living displaces ritual in a given society, social decay begins to work from the inside out. The fading & disappearance of ritual in modern culture is, from the viewpoint of the Dagra, expressed in several ways: the weakening of the link with the spirit world, and general alimentation of people from themselves and others. In a context like this there are no elders to help anyone remember through initiation of his or her place in the community.

(Malidoma Patrice Some, 
“Ritual: Power, Healing & Community”








  • Mon, 25 Mar
    Sherwood Park Hall
    25 Mar 2024, 19:00 – 21:00 GMT
    Sherwood Park Hall , Sherwood Park Recreational Ground, Abbotts Rd, Mitcham CR4 1JP, UK
    25 Mar 2024, 19:00 – 21:00 GMT
    Sherwood Park Hall , Sherwood Park Recreational Ground, Abbotts Rd, Mitcham CR4 1JP, UK
    Under this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse we gather to pour love into our tender places and call in our Divine Masculine & Feminine Energy...
  • Sun, 17 Mar
    Online Via ZOOM
    17 Mar 2024, 19:00 – 21:00 GMT
    Online Via ZOOM
    17 Mar 2024, 19:00 – 21:00 GMT
    Online Via ZOOM
    In this circle we will be tapping into the abundant loving energy to pour appreciation onto our bodies and nourish ourselves deeply...
  • Mon, 29 Jan
    Sherwood Park Hall
    29 Jan 2024, 19:00 – 20:30 GMT
    Sherwood Park Hall, Sherwood Park Recreational Ground, Abbotts Rd, Mitcham CR4 1JP, UK
    29 Jan 2024, 19:00 – 20:30 GMT
    Sherwood Park Hall, Sherwood Park Recreational Ground, Abbotts Rd, Mitcham CR4 1JP, UK
    A South London based Community + Circle devoted to honouring the beauty, complexity & mystery of being Women!
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