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About Me....

Li HighPri(estess)
| Natural Mystic | Oracle | Priestess | Seichem Reiki Master |
Violet Flame Master | Meditation Teacher | Energy Alchemist |
Spiritual Counsel | 


My name is Lianne  I am a  Lover, Fighter, mother, Grandmother and Mystic 

Priestess! I was born with gifts precognition, claircognition​, clairvoyance, clairsentience

prophetic dreams and the ability to divine based on omens from nature, mostly

reading the birds! This is known as augury.

 South London Mystic, I help people at the Crossroads on their Spiritual journey, who require healing, guidance, or mentoring 

I provide guidance, counsel and healing services. I use Tarot, Oracle, Astrology and my natural intuitive gifts to provide information, clarity and hold sacred space so that you may step into your own healing by taking empowered actions.

I will give practical guidance and wisdom tailored to your specific needs, goals and desires.

Seichem Reiki is a powerful healing energy originating from Ancient Egypt that incorporates all elemental rays, this helps to recalibrate our energy bodies, clear and re-calibrate chakras, connect us to our Higher Selves and so much more... I am an Intuitive healer and energy alchemist, training as a Seichem Reiki practitioner in 2014, I became a Seichem Reiki Master so that I can  each & share this healing energy with as many people as possible.

In my healing services I specialise is harmonising, clearing karmic/vampiric cords, soul ties and soul retrieval, anxiety, depression. I have had many challenging, and traumatic experiences in my life that required me to teach myself how to hold space for my own healing. Writing, meditation, prayer and ritual have been my tools for healing, self discovery and growth but also my own ability to connect to Source guidance.

This connection, the Natural Mystic in me give me access to the mysteries, collective conscious and Akashic Records allowing me to see the cosmic 'story' that we are playing out and this also guides me during sessions.

I know that we all have the ability to heal, and awaken to our own truest & highest potential ourselves. There is nothing outside of ourselves that we require. I also know that sometimes and at some point in our journey, particularly during challenging times, that we need someone to hold space for us. A Healer, Guide, Teacher or Mentor.

My intention is provide this sacred space where all of you welcome and to support you with your healing and development in a holistic way that aids you in coming back into Sovereigty. Honouring both the Light & Shadow within you










Li HighPri Seichem Reiki Master \ Priestess \ Oracle \ Spritual guidance
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