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The Astro Guide

What is Astrology?...

Astrology is many things to many different people, and transcends cultural boundaries, because the sky and what lies beyond it, is a richly mysterious part of our everyday lives. 


Astronomy is the scientific study of the planets and the stars, while Astrology  is the study of the effects these celestial bodies have on the human experience. 


The word Astrology can be broken down to 'astro' meaning 'stars'  and 'logy' meaning study; which derives from the word 'logos'; describing 'divine wisdom', 'reason' or 'language'. Therefore astrology is literally the language of the stars. Wouldn't you be intrigued to know what they have written about you?!


Alternative Healing & Insight

Crescent Moon

Our individual Birth Chart shows us the potential energies that motivate us and the archetypes or 'actors' which make up our personality attributes, guide our motivations & characteristics; such as, how we get something started, maintain it and complete it (if we ever do!), It shows us our own style of loving, how we need to be loved, how we empower ourselves and how to nurture ourselves; but also how we self-destruct and how to transform that.

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