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What is Reiki Seichem & Violet Flame?

Reiki Seichem is non-intrusive, natural, gentle but power energy healing system that can help to support your holistic wellbeing. Below you will find more information about this healing art....


What is Reiki?

What is Seichem?

Reiki Seichem Elements

The benefits of Reiki Seichem

What is The Violet Flame?

What to expect



What is Reiki?

Reiki (pronounced Ray-Key) is an ancient energy healing system that was rediscovered in Sanskrit texts by Dr Mikao Usui in the early 20th century.

The word “Reiki” is made up of two Japanese words: “rei,” which means “God’s wisdom,” or “the higher power,” and “ki,” which means “life force energy". Therefore Reiki can be looked as a spiritually guided life force energy.

This  'Universal Life Energy' known in Japan 'Ki', 'Chi' in China and in India 'Prana'  flows through and animates all living things. Reiki channels energy from the Earth and supports the body's natural ability to heal and balance itself.

What is Seichem?

Seichem/Sekhem (pronounced Say-Keem / See-Khem) is an ancient healing practice originating in Egypt and was rediscovered by Patrick Zeiglar in the early 1980s in the Great Pyramid.

Seichem is 'living light energy' said to mean "power of powers' or 'might' and comes from the same source as Reiki but it channels all four of the elemental rays; 

Reiki is the attunment to the Earth energy & Seichem introduces the missing parts of Air, Fire and Water using the four elements as a balanced energy healing system. 

Reiki Seichem has all the benefits of Reiki but calls in and transmit the all elemental rays which means it works at a deeper, powerful level than Reiki alone & is more holistic as it works on all subtle energy bodies in our system.


Reiki is powerful but when combined with Seichem the healing is more intense. 


Reiki-Seichem Elemental Rays:

Reiki - is connected with the Earth element and provides the foundation for all others to flow. This can be experienced as hot or cold and is beneficial to physical, mental and emotional wellbeing

Sakara - is connect to the Fire element, the only element that can purify without becoming contaminated itself. It works on transformations and clearing blockages. Sakara works in the aura and electromagnetic field surrounding the body and can be experienced as pins & needles, tingles or intense heat.

Sophi-el - is connected to the element of Water and reaches deep within our emotional body to get to root of our issues. It also clears what has been left by Sakara, helps to detox the energy bodies and defuses negative emotions. This energy can be experienced as soft, cool or cold waves of energy

Angelic Light - is connected to the element of Air and also Spirit making it a two-fold energy. It assists with healing of the mind, third eye, throat and connects to our Higher Selves and Spiritual support. It can be experienced as light cool breeze or a sense of 'others' assisting with the healing. Some also experience flashes of light and images.

Benefits from a Reiki Seichem treatment include:

-Helps to activate the bodies ability to heal itself

- Ease Anxiety, Stress & Depression

-Clears energy blockages

-Supports balance between mind, body, and spirit
-Assists the body cleanse of toxins

-Supports Spiritual Growth


-Recognition of Purpose & Inner Truth

-Deep relaxation
-Pain Relief
-Post-surgery healing
-End of Life transitional Support
-Boost Self-esteem
-Promotes harmony & balance
-Grounds energy  
-Enhance intuition, creativity, memory & learning
-Clears energy blockages

-Balances between mind, body, and spirit
-Heal family & ancestral karmic patterns
-Release karmic soul cords & trauma /attachments
-Helps release old soul contracts 

-Improve communication with Higher Self

The Violet Flame

The Violet Flame is a high frequency spiritual light that associated with the highest visible ray in our colour spectrum, making it a transitional point into spiritual light.


 It has been said that the Violet Flame was kept secret only to Ascended Masters & Higher Spiritual Beings who used this energy to accelerate spiritual growth and healing. After centuries of The Violet Flame being kept hidden it was brought to humanity by St German who recognised its vital role during these times.

The Violet Flame is a uniques and extremely powerful healing energy, having the ability to transform negative energy and karmic patterns & residue into light. It doesn't simple remove these energies it transforms them to their highness vibration. Violet  flame can heal past traumas especially those that have become crystals in bodies and can transcend both space and time! 

The Violet Flame is like alchemy helping us to reach our Highest Self.

What to expect

During a session, we will begin with a consultation to discuss your intentions for the session and any ares of special concern. If you have booked and oracle reading we will perform this during the consultation. You will then be guided to the massage table/chair to begin the healing session. Using smudge (often rosemary/paolo santo/black sage(mugwort) I will clear the energy surrounding and call a circle of protection for our session. I will then lay my hands on or near your body in a series of positions, channelling reiki seichem energy to promote balance and activate your body's own innate healing. You can expect a feeling of deep relaxation as tension is released from your muscles and energy blockages are cleared, tingling, deep warmth, cold you may also experience visions or intense emotional release; there is no right or wrong way to receive this energy. At the end of our session you will be given some water and time to ground your energy, we will discuss anything that may have come up.

I currently offer both Distance & 1-2-1 Reiki Seichem & Violet Flame Healing Sessions please see below:

I WILL ALSO TEACH ALL LEVELS FROM BEGINNER TO MASTER TEACHER... click below to sign up for exclusive updates

what is reiki
what is seichem
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