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Cord-Cutting Candle Service

Available Online

QUEEN OF SWORDS MODE! Severe Energetic Cords to negative attachments!

  • 1 hour
  • 50 British pounds
  • via ZOOM

Service Description

When we interact with people places or things we form an energetic cord between both. These cords can often serve to be beneficial but sometimes they can become tainted and toxic were they now no longer serve us & can even become detrimental to our wellbeing. Cord-Cutting rituals can be done when an energetic tie to a negative attachment needs to be severed. Ties that bind us to unhealthy habits, negative people, even our jobs and careers or toxicity can be energetically draining and exhausting even after the person or situation has left or present moment, like a residual or lingering energy! Common signs and symptoms of an unhealthy tie are constantly thinking about the person, situation, unhealthy habits or behaviour, anxiety, lethargy, lack of energy, feeling drained, unable to make decisions, feeling stuck and unable to move forward, increase in unhealthy coping mechanisms... This cord-cutting ritual requires commitment also on your part to set the intention and take action to let-go. Sometime this can be very difficult especially if we still are energetically tied to the person or situation. You can use Cord-Cutting for cutting ties with almost any noun (person, place or thing): SOME EXAMPLES INCLUDE: - Toxic/unhealty relationships -End of a Break-up/Heartbreak/Betrayal - Breal ties to toxic people - Unhealthy Habits -Unhealthy jobs/careers This service Includes - An Intuitive Consultation; This is for us gain clarity of your situation, decipher whether this is the right kind of offering for you & how to best tailor your ritual. I will use Oracle for guidance (30-45Mins) - Crafted Cord-Cutting Candle formed on a dedicated Altar in my Home, I will also use the wax to Divine any further messages from Spirit. - Videos/Pictures of your Ritual (upon request) DURING YOUR CONSULTATION I WILL IDENTIFY ANYTHING YOU MAY NEED TO DO ON YOUR END TO SUPPORT YOUR HEALING....

Cancellation Policy

To cancel or reschedule please contact 24hrs in advance. Thank You...

Contact Details


Mitcham CR4 1FJ, UK

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