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Palo Santo, like White Sage originates from the Native Indians of South America


Palo Santo mens 'Holywood' and is burned in ceremonies and rituals to cleanse the aura of a person or environment from negative energies or attachments.


It is a special kind of wood for its smoke purifies the environment when you burn it. The fragrance is earthly and natural, but mystic at the same time.


Use Palo Santo to help uplift your vibes, brings joy, calm and peace into your life 


A great companion for meditation and cleansings practices





The Palo Santo wood is supplied to us and is originated from Peru and Ecuador.


The harvest of the wood we sell in our wholesale is checked by the local government.


The trees are very rare and therefore they are not cut down.


It's taken only from the wood of fallen trees to reap and sell.

Green Tree Palo Santo 5-8 sticks

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