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The Spiritual Meaning of 'Finding" Feathers + Colour Meanings

Updated: Oct 2, 2021

There seems to be something special about finding a feather on our path, like it has been laid especially for us with a message to be received.

Recently I have been finding lots of feathers which has led me down the rabbit hole of exploration and intrigue.

In this blog I will share what I have found about

The Spiritual Significance of Feathers

Feathers have been a magical, mystical and scared symbol for may cultures across the world. Often said to carry messages from the Divine, Angels and our loved ones.

This makes perfect sense as ancient tribal and indigenous cultures often view birds as being sacred messengers, guides and teachers of the spirit world for their ability to fly close to the heavens.

Birds carried our prayers to the heavens are is a symbol of the the connection between its keeper and The Creator.

Feathers are connected to the element of Air (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) associated with communication, intelligence, messages and are a reminder that we have the ability to transcend any mental or spiritual limitations. Feathers symbolise the ability to see the bigger picture and the freedom of the mind and heart to roam. Travel can also be indicated due to the connection with birds and flight. Birds see from a different perspective to most of earth's creatures, they fly high giving them a 'birds eye view' allowing them to see connections and the 'whole picture'.

In Native America feathers are a scared symbol of high honour and viewed as a gift from The Creator and direct link to the Divine. In some tribal groups a 'feather ceremony' is held to welcome the new found feather, clear it on any unwanted energy and to prepare it for use. Feather are an integral part of Native American culture used in ceremonies, clothing, weapons and more. Tribal members are also given feathers when they have overcome a challenge. The hollow shaft at the tip of feather is said be be the place that hold messages to be sent and received.

In Christianity, feathers are seen as a covering and protection from God love and care:

"He will cover you with his feathers, and under his wing you will find refuge. His truth is your shield and armour (Psalms 91:4)

"He spread his wings over them. Even Eagle overspread her young. She carries them upon her wings - As does the Lord his people" (Deuteronomy 32:11)

There is a link also to aethers and Angels, the saying; "when a feather appears and Angel is near" again shows the belief that feathers are a connection to The Divine and source of protection and messages.

Ancient Egypt linked the feather to Ma'at, Goddess of Truth, Balance, Justice & Divine Order, her symbol is an ostrich feather worn in her hair.

Ma'at is a goddess, word and concept.

She links our world to the Divine and is the concept of law, balance and order. She as goddess embodies the spirit of what is right as opposed to what is 'legal' or 'lawful'.

Her most prominent role is within the funeral rights, where the hearts of the deceased are weight against her feather. If the heart is heavier, then they are refused passage into the afterlife & paradise being denied eternal life.


Each coloured feather its own specific meaning, here is a list of some of the characters and messages:

This is a picture of a woman holding a blue and black magpie feather
Blue Magpie Feather I found on my path!

White Feather:

A white feather is a symbol of protection, purity, peace and seen as a gift from the Divine/God/Goddess/Creator. They can also be message from our ancestors to remind that they are near and supporting us.

Red Feather:

Links to the root chakra and stability, vitality and passion. They remind us of our strength and endurance

Orange Feather:

Orange also associates with Creativity,sensual expression and vitality. They remind us to connect to our source of energy, through our own passion, creativity and fill us with confidence and passion

Yellow Feather:

Links to the solar plexus, the centre of our will, energy. Yellow can signify happiness, intellect and optimism. They are filled with the energy of the sun and embedded with wisdom.

Green Feather:

Links to the Heart chakra, healing, love, community and fertility. They remind to reconnect with nature to support healing cycles and are a sign of abundance.

Blue Feather:

Links to the throat chakra and communication.Blue feathers are a sign of healing, sincerity, truth and psychic powers developing.

Purple Feather:

Links to third eye and crown chakras, our vision, Universal consciousness and Spiritual Connections

Purple is a colour of royalty, high intellect.

Pink Feathers:

Are a sign of love and friendship. Reminding us to be open to receive love, give love and to also remember to love ourselves.

Grey Feathers:

are neutral, they remind to stay balanced, to stop and think and the remain centred and peaceful.

Brown Feathers:

remind us that comfort is near or needed. They are a symbol of being grounded, stability, enduring and friendship. They can also remind us to keep in touch with loved ones.

Black Feathers:

Can be a warning, but more often are sign powerful protection from Angels & Guides. Black feathers are a symbol of mystic wisdom, initiation and heightened spirituality. Black feathers can signify deep healing and awakening to new insights or meaning.


The best way to find out what your feathers personal message is to think about where your own thoughts and feeling were before found it!

What has been occurring for you in your life that could have a connection?

Have you set intentions, prayed our ask your ancestors for guidance?

Do you work with or connect with any specificities archetypes, gods, goddesses, ascended masters ..etc?

If nothing comes to mind or you prefer to this first, sit and meditate with your feather. You can make it a mini ritual by making your space sacred and setting an intention. Light candles, incense, play music for example, relax and trust the guidance that comes.


To Represent Air:

As feathers are linked to the element of Air, they can bring in the energy of freedom, transcendence and connection to the Divine.

You can use your feather represent this element on an altar or to mark a point in your sacred circle as air correspond to the direction of East.

As a Cleansing Wand/Fan;

Larger feather can be used to spread ritual smoke from smudge sticks and herbal blends.

You can also use your feather to clear unwanted energy from your aura and energy bodies by 'fanning' the feather all around your body with the intention to remove what is negative and bring in positive energy.


Your feather is a gift from the Divine, your Guides and Angels. They are like a bridge to connect you their energy. Take time every now and then to sit with your feather in gratitude and allow any messages to come through. You can focus on the meaning of your feather looking at its colour and thinking about the nature of the bird who gifted it to you on behalf of The Creator!


You can use you feather in spells and rituals to initiate change and transcendence and more! Choose a colour that represents your intention best if you can. You can make mojo bags, charms, witches ladders and bottles the opportunities are endless!

It's clear that feathers are a sacred symbol imbued with message, meaning and mystery. So if you have ever wonder if finding one or many is a coincindense or has deeper meaning I hope this brings some clarity. Feathers are certainly a beautiful gift from the Divine that carry a message of transcendence, hope, vision and freedom, reminding us that we are always protected and guided.

Peace & Love

Li HighPri 💎

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