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The Magical Message of - THE GOLDEN EGG

Did you know that there is message nestle deep in your heart space? Maybe you can feel it, or sense the gentle whisper of its call.

One thing is for certain, this message can't be heard until we retreat from the noise of world, and enter into the sanctuary of ourself!

Like the Golden Egg in the photo: connected to the Heart Chakra & The Unstruck Sound it need nurture to grow and unfold.

Some of us feel this message, the unknown knowing that there is something inside unique to ourselves that wishes to be born, expressed and witnessed.

Yet there is no rushing, pushing or grasping of this process, like a flower, it emerges and blooms in its own Divine Timing!

Can we know? Some can yes!

But for the most part even the seers have to trust in the vision to unfold.

In the meantime while we wait for ourselves to emerge above the surface to which is our light and direction, allow yourself space, warmth, time compassion and nurture while we ....

Trust the Process & The Reveal!

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