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The Blow- The End & Beginning.....

Updated: Feb 18, 2023

It was the 6th July 2020 (also my sons birthda!) and I had just found out that the warehouse which I use for my business went up in flames.... which also has my business.

The moment this news reached me I felt it like a blow to my chest, my heart-space felt like something had reached in and ripped out a part of me. An entity!. That's what a business you create becomes doesn't it!

My time, effort, late nights, lost connections all from striving to build a foundation and still it was ripped from underneath me.

I hear my friend Spyro telling "your life path number is 1 babe, got got to set the trend".

Why did I hear this in that moment?

Because maybe right now I need to be using my own gifts, knowledge and talents to build my foundation and not just....distribute....products or info?!

Who knows?

Maybe this is just a healing salve I'm apply to soothe the blow.....Hollow now that's how it feels hollow.

But they say you need to clear a space too invite something new right?

I was burning the candle at both ends. No lie you'd see me on facebook up at 4am sometimes building connections, and even losing friends because I can't offer them the same level of my energy.

I've been putting it into branding & business.

Then came this....THE SPIRIT JOURNAL!
This is my passion, writing, journalling, poetry watching my thoughts flow from my mind through my pen and become....real.

While working on Rhythm & Beauty, I had been in working on this website but couldn't finalise a name


"The Spirit Journalist" !!!

This was like a light bulb moment for me. It made so much sense, it aligned with everything I am & even do!

Writing for me is like mediation....

Some of my best memories are of chilling with my best friend in her mother's kitchen, I was 18 she was 21 and we would just write together.

By candle light, music playing the classics like Lauryn Hill, Erykah Badu and India Irie. She introduced me to Floetry and that is when I realised I was a poet, a writer & a Mystic!

I feel like the fire, even though it will it only have a temporary effect, it was a re-direction, like how they say the Hindu God Ganesha sometimes places obstacles in your path to re-direct you!.... Mine was blow away

The Silver lining however is that, I had already began to work on this space...The Spirit Journal so that I can share my experiences, knowledge, gifts and talents and hopefully encourage other to join and do the same.

I know there is healing in writing, it healed me.

I know there is healing in sharing words, because people give me their words (their world!) all the time. They say I am healing, my energy etc... which may be true but that is not it.

I just Hold Space, for people to be, expressive light and shadow without judgement.

Really people heal themselves...if they have a Safe & Sacred Space!

So I created this platform for people to do exactly that! To write, share images, art, ideas, experience ; to seek advise, their tribe and place.

To heal and grow....


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