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STORYTIME - My attunement as Seichem Reiki Practitioner

Updated: Dec 13, 2023

I was born a Channel for Divine Healing & Guidance, people often comment on my 'calming energy' even at times where I don't feel that way myself. People will come to my home and feel at ease, fall asleep when they have suffering with insomnia and leave often saying 'thank you I feel so much better". I don't always necessarily feel like I have done anything more than listen to them and be a witness to whatever it is that they need to release.

So.... 7 years ago I made the decision to become a Seichem Reiki Practitioner, and being attuned to this energy really changed my life!

On the day of my attunement I was so excited, at that point I was really just being led by spirit and I was so interested in finding out more about the Egyptian form of energy. I arrived ready and was met by the scent of palo santo filling the air, that was the first time I had ever smelt that aroma and it felt 'familiar'!

As I walked into the room I was greeted by my teacher Maxine, who I had previously done my Meditation Teacher Training with. Maxine has such beautiful, enchanting, empowering and soothing energy, she really is a Medicine Woman for the soul, you receive what you need in that moment! I was looking forward to meeting her again. As I walked in said to me "there's a man standing with you, he brought you here!" I wasn't sure who it was, I had some potentials who could be my guides but I was intrigued, because that was exactly how I felt, like I had been led there.

The day was amazing, intense and transformational, we began with the theory, learning about Reiki, Seichem & the Violet Flame, ready for attunement after lunch.

Now here is where it got real for me, not that it wasn't already, but my attunement process opened up 'something' in me.

During the process I had a vision of a lotus arising out of an ocean with a lady standing inside who I recognised energetically as Kwan Yin Goddess of Compassion & Mercy.
A picture of the goddess kwan yin
Kwan Yin Goddess of Compassion & mercy

I saw a great White Light shooting up that reached from the earth through the ocean to the stars, above the Goddesses' head I saw the infinity symbol.

A healing released from within, I felt filled with calm but also a sense the energy flowing, it shot through me quite intensely. Early in that day Maxine had said to me "you have deep healing to do" and I have no doubt that this was the beginning of it, but it was years later that I found out to what extent!

The energy went straight to my head and I got a headache, I felt so cold while everyone else felt the energy warming them. During the class we gave each other healing and my hands were so cold, my feedback was that it was 'intense', it started of cold and began to warm up.

"You came here for Seichem" Maxine said! And I had no doubt that she was right, always had an interest and a sense of resonance with Ancient Egypt, especially Isis/Aset! Who I also connected to the vision of the Ladt rising out of the Lotus! Alsmost as if the famliar energy of Aset was introducing me to Kwan Yin!

I had immediately connected with & was channeling sophi'el and Angelic Light as my primary elements, when it was time for my classmates to give me reiki, Maxine stepped in. I felt her be moved to me as she was directed to my head, I hadn't told her I had a headache at that point!

I burst into tears, from deep in my heart space and emanating through my entire body something released, like floodgates, they asked me if I was ok and I was, it was the intensity of the supportive feeling that I had never felt, in a way where it was safe for me to be vulnerable and let go of trapped emotions! I didn't even feel 'sad' just like something needed to flow out of me.

It makes sense considering that Sophi'el is connected to the water element, which goes into deep emotional healing. The Angelic Light is two-fold connecting to Air and Spirit, which I felt as cool breeze and a sense of 'being held' or 'cradled' by an energy much greater than me.

On the day we also got to choose a card from the Ascended master's Oracle Deck, I selected the Goddess Isis.

From that day Seichem Reiki & the guides who assigned to me have been a transformational force in my life, this hasn't always been easy!

The energy is potent and it will not tolerate anything that does not serve for your highest good and soul evolution.

It was after that session, when I arrived back at the apartment of the man I was in a relationship with at the time that this energy got to work. The first element to appear was Sakara, fire of transformation!

He was the first person I gave healing too, but it was on the drive home, his reaction to me and lack of acknowledgement that had those Reiki guides in my ear screaming 'this man is not for you'.

That was one thing I noticed, my guides, my intuition was louder, my ancestors, louder and also they weren't always as 'nice' with their delivery as I would have liked ... lol

But the man had to go, I wanted to keep him, I couldn't 'see' the sense in why I was being guided to leave, even though I had gotten a reading and she didn't even see me in a relationship! When I told the reader I was she said he is not your Divine Counterpart!!!!

I wanted him to be thoooooo lolllll, but Spirit said "Hunni no" loud and clear!

It took me 4 months to accept; as time went on things became clearer as to why, but not necessarily easier!

I had only just began on my journey and part of that included a decent to the underworld!

My deep healing didn't just include from past trauma, it also meant getting back parts of me I had lost!

I will speak about the more in my future posts

Thanks for reading

Li High Pri ❤️💛💚🖤



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