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Self Watcher - Finding the Higher Self....

Updated: Nov 7, 2022

From the moment I left the church aged 10 years old, I have had difficulty in accepting that anyone can guide me, to the uncertain place that is calling me better than myself & The Most High....

Finding my Higher Self didn't happen like with the New Agers now and all their techniques.

I found, or connected with my Higher quite by accident.

After grief...losing my nan, (which was a major event and catalyst to my spiritual growth), all I could do at night time was to sit, cry, pray, talk to Jah and listen....

It was in that silence, after pouring out pains, watching them fall from my eyes and land on psalms, the silence was where I found comfort.

It held me in a way that most children would be familiar, but was foreign to me... it held me like a mothers love.

Then, there was just me..watching myself. Witnessing the event of my life so far all I'd been through, overcome, how I reacted, going back further to see which event impregnated me with that reaction, emotion habitual pattern...I was watching myself...

I could see...but not only myself, I could see others and their connection to me, the lesson they were teaching me through their interactions with me...I had a bird's eye view of this stage called life!

I became an Observer of myself!

The more I did this practice, which became an unplanned ritual of sorts, the deeper I could go... that's when I heard a quiet little whisper, the lightest of sounds.

But not in the way you might think, this wasn't a sound of a voice coming from inside me, or from the outside in. It was like an impression, like a song, poem, painting or something so beautiful it stays with you some way.

My Higher Self!

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