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Priestess Potion!... MY MINI ALTAR BOTTLES... Crafty Mystic!

"This Aura Altar Bottle smells sweet like honey!"

I love to work with herbs, flowers, essential oils and any thing that come directly from Mother Nature directly. There is healing in the Earth in so many ways, that we have unfortunately been disconnected from... I think because my 8h house cusp is in Taurus.... I get mystical with it lol ....

I made the ALTAR BOTTLES to keep in my sacred space for its energetic vibration & also to help me calm any anxieties with its soothing, sunny almost like honey aroma....

The PEACE & PROTECT Altar Bottles are slightly larger (than the Aura bottles) bottles filled with natural herbs, flowers & essential oils, to promote and support a specific energy, vibration & frequency....

Keep in your sacred space, by your bed or place in a little pouch and carry it with you. I have left the corked lid unfastened so that you can remove it and smell all that goodness.

Made with :

ANGELICA ROOT - associated with the Sun/ Fire & Masculine energies Angelica root has been used for thousands of years to ward off evil & to remove hexes, curses and negative vibration. Angelica is the base of this bottle to protect and support

BLUE MALLOW - associated with Feminine/ Moon & Water this flower has been used in ointments for protection. The Exorcist! This flower is known for it's abilty to exercise negative energies & entitites!...

Blue Mallow is also used to soften hearts and minds that has been hardend over the years and support flexibilty to a ridgid mentality!

CALENDULA - assoiciated with the Sun/masculine energy/fire this flower (known as The Sunshine Flower) helps to promote a 'sunny aura'; lifting the spirits and also protecting againts low vibration ones! Also associated with creating healthy boundaries and balancing emotions..

Calendula is also used to support and protect those whom have prophetic dreams!

LAVENDER - associated with Masculine/Mercury/ Air a well known favourite for bestowing calm, peace and also dispelling lower vibrations

Why not try to make your own at home? There magic is also stronger when it comes from you! Alternatively please check out the shop or get in touch for a custom made Bottle just for you...

Blessed Love 🖤

Li | Priestess @TheSpiritJournal

Each Sovereign Aura Bottle is unique, you will receive a random design from the displayed photo. If you would like a particular design please leave a message at checkout.

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Lianne Crawford
Lianne Crawford
Nov 02, 2020

Thank You 🥰 Yes I am selling they are available in the shop or you can drop me a message ❤️


Powerful and simple! 🤎


I love it!!! Are you selling them?

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