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New Moon in #Capricorn 2021... GROUNDED WISDOM.

The first new moon of the year happens at around 5:00am GMT in the sign of Capricorn, and this one is potent and intense!

New Moons symbolise new beginnings, rebirth, and intention setting and with this one happening the sign of Capricorn, this speaks towards success, life purpose, karma, structure, restriction, discipline, planning and ambition.


Of course it's not as simple as that, there are other major planetary players and factors in the mix with this First New Moon of 2021...

The first new moon of the year aligns with the planet Pluto know for its , deep penetrating and transformative energies and the taboo topics that people would rather like in the shadows...

Capricorn is also connected to dharma, our life purpose and with Pluto closely hugging this one we have to really get deep, raw, real and authentic with it. I have had many people contacting me in regards to this, there seems to be an underlying essence of urgency (which I feel is coming from the saturn and mars square) of needing to act now!

Just be aware of jumping the gun or acting impulsively! It would be wise to use this energy to plan, clear, release and set intentions from a place of inner truth.

Pluto will bring up issues for us to transform in order for us to move forward .

2020 really was about vision and perspective.

This New Moon and Winter season this new is the perfect time to see what has been unconsciously motivating us and really set intentions to Ground that wisdom with focused action to growth and change that is authentic to us!

What came up for you in 2020?

How much different is your life from this time last year?

With Mars squaring the Saturn frustrations can potentially arise, strong desires, passions that may be hard to express or come out with full force.

There is also potential for / revelation of; manipulation, controlling, secrets & truths emerging, insights into toxic patterns, addictions, obsessions in behaviour and/or thinking. Yet.... there will be great support in revelations on what needs to change for our highest good if you are willing to be brutally honest with yourself...!

What does your dream future look like and what is preventing you from achieving it? Are you willing to give up false narratives, toxic behaviour and excuses to get it? Can you not only own your shadow but integrate it?!

Use the tension between Mars & Saturn and do something constructively with it!

Anger can be used to destroy but it can also be used to create! You could smash all your dishes in anger or wash them up it's a choice really!!!

What needs to be destroyed and what needs rebuilding, and how do you move forward with the knowledge and insights you have gained?

You are wiser now!

Ground that wisdom in reality and set intentions to manifest you drams!!!

Truth & Love

Li | HighPri

#newmoonincapricorn #newmoon

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