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New Moon in Aquarius - EMBRACE YOURSELF!

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

New Moons are about new beginnings.

They mark the start of the lunar cycle to which our months are loosely formed around.

This new moon occurring at 7:05pm (GMT) in the Sign of Aquarius might potentially be the THEE most important one of the year.

On the same day we have the planet Jupiter making a conjunction to Venus in the same sign.

This new will have a total of 8 planets in FIXED zodiac signs and 6 of those : sun, moon, Venus, Jupiter, Mercury, & Saturn are going to be in the sign of Aquarius!

Aquarius is about the collective and at its highest evolution represents the collective/society and its highest ‘ideal’. It rules the 11th house in the natal chart the house of “other peoples children” and we are all somebodies child regardless of our circumstances!

The last time we had this a stellium like this was back in 1962 which marked the start of the Hippie Culture.

Above many things this was all about community, unity, self-expression, love and peace. People came together in this era, shared spaces and community were big themes but also so was rebellion, protests, campaigns and bombings!

This New Moon is asking how we operate as an individual in this collective, what is unique to us and about us that we have to offer. We all have something!

This often has to come however with some sudden or drastic change… that’s what the Capricorn energy of 2020 was showing us, the structures in our lives that need to be changed or dissolved completely! Uranus in Taurus currently supporting these changes if we acknowledge, allow and accept!

But!...... the planets are in fixed signs including Uranus, the one that initiates changes....

...... so ask yourself…

What are you really changing?

Sometimes it can be easier to dig our heels into the ground and hold on to old convictions, beliefs and behaviours while affirming that “this is me” but is it really? And if so…how has it served you? Are you happy, content? and…where are your fruits!

What have you learned, how will you apply this and can it serve the wider community or is it only serving yourself?

These are all questions to ponder at this time!

We really are being ask to embrace our own ‘weirdness’, to express ourselves without fear of judgement so that we can truly attract our tribes and those who vibrate on our frequency. We are also being asked to be accepting and embracing of others, uniqueness and what they bring to the tapestry of life. But really pat attention to WHAT THEY BRING!.... Scar in the Lion King was weird too....lmao!

With jupiter and venus together there’s potentially a lot of love in the air, but with mars squaring there is also potential of the opposite. Still we have the opportunity to choose peace and compassion over conflict and destructive passions.

Utilise this mercury retrograde, you may find old projects, ideas resurfacing for to go over, now is not really the time to begin new things, but reflecting and planning until mercury goes direct on 20th Feb 2021 would likely be beneficial.

This really is the new moon in plant those seeds of intentions be eccentric with it! What are your wildest dreams?


1) Make a Sacred Space….

Do you have a scared place or an Altar where you can sit to find peace, clarity, connect and do your rituals and mediations? If not maybe think about that. It doesn’t have to be an elaborate space you cold even just use a sheet or a rug that is dedicated to sacred time and space.

2) Write down your intentions make them BOLD!

Now is time! This new moon set your intentions for the future, your wildest dreams, don’t hold back

3) Scripting

This is when we write something out as if we have already lived it, it is a form of law of attraction that can actually be very therapeutic! Why write a page in your journal of your perfect day or days. You could even try thins as a gratitude practice!

4) Gratitude List

If you haven’t already start a list of all that you are grateful for, even on the worst days you cane be grateful for the tree that made the tissue you wipe your tears with ya feel me loll….be grateful for everything!

Blessed Love

Li | High Priestess @ The Spirit Journal

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