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It's Spring.... Happy New Year!!!

Updated: Mar 30, 2023



March 20th which marked the astrological start of the new year with the Spring Equinox. The word ‘equinox’ comes from the Old Latin word ‘aequinoctium’ meaning equal nights, so at the time of the equinoxes, both day and night are equal in length.

Twice a year across the world, the energies of light and dark; day and night; masculine and feminine meet in perfect balance; at the SPRING equinox in March and the AUTUMN equinox in Sept. The difference between the two equinoxes, is that one tips us over into more Light while the other gives way to the Dark.

Spring time has been sacred throughout thousands of years to many Ancient cultures across the world.

Some even went to great trouble to align scared temples and shrines to the rising of the sun on the Spring equinox.

We can see this in places such as ;

Egypt with The Sphinx and The Great Pyramids;

The Tikal Temples in Guatemala;

The Angkor temples in Cambodia

...and The Cairn T mound in Ireland.

Deeper Meaning….

Equinoxes symbolise the need to return to balance reminding us of duality; both in nature and within us. Taoist call this principle YIN & YANG representing feminine (yin) and Masculine energy (yang).

We have just left a season of Yin; The Winter Solstice (22 dec; “solstice” means ‘sun stands still’) when we were called to journey inwards, and it’s dark there we can’t see so we have to trust our intuition! Things ‘die’ in the winter, become dormant and go to sleep, we go in. Into our home, into selves and deep into our consciousness.

Well all that necessary 'heavy' stuff is over for now because it is SPRING TIME!!!!

What happens at spring time?….. New stuff right?

Trees get new blossoms, daffodils push through the cold earth, animals wake from hibernation ready to errmm…’get busy’ and the sun stays in the sky a little longer and a little higher each day. It’s like Mother Earth has awoken from a long, cold and dark slumber and is ready to adorn herself for the real party at Summer!

Spring speaks of youth, brings new life, new beginnings, and symbolises the dawn; it reminds us of awakening and the chance of resurrection!. It is a time to explore new paths, plant new seeds, and ‘act’ (YANG) on those intuitions (YIN) we were getting from the inside at Winter!

It’s time to begin again!

The energy shift here is from an internal state to an external one, what has happened within now ready to be expressed on the outside, the seeds planted inside the nurturing dark of the soil have now sprouted their first shoots declaring I AM…here!

“I AM”… is the phrase linked to the sign of ARIES; the first sign of the zodiac and the sign we greet at this time of year. Makes sense as to why we marked this time as the start of the new year in olden times!!! Aries energy is the ultimate initiator, it has no problem getting things started!

Aries is the sign of our inner warrior, the one who moved by their inner fire, passion and light. They’re brave for they know no better, it is in their nature to ‘act’ first and ask questions later; to dive in and rescue you before they see if you actually need saving!. Whenever we declare ‘who we are’ we are using the energy of Aries, especially through our actions!

So this is a good time RISE up and to really consider which direction you are moving in, but don’t just think…what makes you feel warm inside & most alive? What would you like to harvest at Autumn Equinox? Those are the seeds to be planted and the adventures to be beginning! xx

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