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A GUIDE; Energetic Cord-Cutting? All you need to Know!!!

Updated: Feb 14, 2023

Have you ever felt like a connection to someone or something held a power over you? You have ended a friendship or relationship but still can't stop thinking about them, obsessing & can't seem to move on? A habit thats developed which you can't shift? Maybe you have an unhealthy energetic attachment that needs to be SEVERED!

Cord-cutting is a common healing practice use in many culture across the world –This guide will tell you all know need to know!.

It was the narcissist for me, he might have been a sociopath or maybe just a soulless low vibration shell, a dusty stinking demon ....lolllll but I will never forget the day I went his house for the first time and literally felt the cord that was being anchored into my solar-plexus! Unfortunately I didn't fully grasp what was about to happen to me! This was part of my initiation by Spirit, and how I learnt to become a power house at cutting cords and sensing negative or vampiric energy! I had many more cords to detach which I hadn't even recognised despite being shown them in a dreams prior. (that's for another blog post though!)

In the Guide you will find....

What is an Energetic Cord ?

Positive vs. Negative Energy Cords

Signs you have a Negative Energetic Cord


What is an Energetic Cord?

We are beings of energy that have interaction with the world around and anytime we do this we form a bond or connection. We have a physical body that we are aware of, but we also have a mental, emotional and etheric/spiritual body that makes up what is known as our Aura/Auric Field...

Energetic Cords are Etheric strands of energy that form an attachment from our auric field to another persons, place or thing any time we have an interaction. This is also sometimes known as a 'soul tie', but soul ties tend to be a bit tricker at dealing with as they often come with a karmic, ascension or past life lesson meaning that sometimes the 'cord' or 'tie' cannot be severed until the lesson has been learnt! This is where we get phrases such as 'pulling on heart string' or 'wrapped round his/her little finger'.

We can form these cords with anyone and anything, from deep intimate and romantic bonds to attachments to habits and behaviours. We could form an etheric cord to someone in passing while in the street or even to people on social media or them to us. Time & space do not limit the formation of energy cords either, we can also still carry cord from past lives!

Etheric cords can be both positive & negative, and they also have the potential to change over time, think about a relationship or friendship that started off really good and then began to turn sour. We can also form strong bonds to a memories, constantly replaying them in our heads or even material items and places. In this article I will focus on energetic cords we make to other people.

Having a strong emotional connection or even just a reaction to a person is often enough for that cord to stating taking root. This can serve both parties well with reciprocal positive energy, whether its love, inspiration support, or it can be negative and draining and sometime detrimental often to one person.

Positive vs. Negative Energetic Cords

Positive energetic cords are ones which are beneficial to both people and are nurtured with energy being exchanged equally back and forth. These are the types of connections that either seem to support us or inspire us, they add something or enhance what is there, something new and beautiful can come from these types of cords. It is important to note however that there can come times where one person might give more in the energetic exchange because the other individual needs it. An example of this is when we take care of a sick friend, hold space for someones heartbreak or offer support during a challenge. Overall the connection is reciprocal and balance with exception to that of the parent and child where parent give much more to their children in a healthy bond.

Negative Energy Cords can be created from the first interaction or grow that way over time, negative cords can also exist between people who would deem themselves enemies!

These cords do not provide a flow of loving energy, rather they tend to 'take something away' from one individual and give it to another. Here we get idea of 'energy vampires' as it will work in the same way, with the negative cord syphoning or harvesting the energy and essence from one person to another.

This is not always done with malicious intent (although some can be!), often some people are not even aware of their negative & draining effect on others. Negative cords can come from those with

co-dependancy issues, being needy, inattentive to others, depending on other to think for you or and being emotionally unavailable.....


- family, friends, lovers who instigate drama constantly but refuse solutions (these people feed off of your emotional reactions, try to limit any responses and keep them logical minus emotions)

- those needy, envious, give back-handed compliments (these people will drain you over time and often get supply from your love, care and concern)

- social media followers who attach to you or whom you attached to without knowing ( as stated you only need to have an intense response to form a cord, like envy or lust, they work through space and time... e.g. a client who mass followed women inhabiting jezebel spirits on IG all of a sudden began losing money, why?... because he had to pay for the attention somehow! )

Signs of having a Negative Energetic Cord...

  • You can't stop thinking about the person, place or thing

  • You dream about them often waking with intense emotions

  • Your energy is depleted more often than not, especially after interacting with & being in their company

  • Feeling stuck & stagnant like you can't move forward or make a decision

  • You feel fatigued, lethargic, low mood or unexplained sadness

  • You solar-plexus feels unstable (like the feeling of being on a rollercoaster)

  • You develop obsessive thoughts about the person

  • Unhealthy habits and addictive behaviours develop (or intensify) from excessive drug abuse to over-working

  • You develop more sickness due to lowered immunity

  • You can't stop speaking about them or 'what happened'

  • You feel anxious, fearful or nervous seeing them (and may not know why)

  • You notice they only reach to you take something

  • You feel obligated to them

  • They popped into your head while you were reading this list (trust your intuition)!

The Benefits of Cord Cutting

  1. Severe ties between you and the other person so that you may recover your energy

  2. Clears emotional connections to negative/traumatic memories so that healing can begin affectively

  3. Can help to clear blockages from past relationships that may cause problems within new ones or your ability to form new connections.

  4. Release of and relief from heavy feelings (i.e. 'like a dark cloud being lifted')

  5. Can actually improve relationships, clearing out unhealthy habits, limiting beliefs and patterns so that more positive ones can be founded & the connection cam begin new

  6. You can replenish and rejuvenate without your energy being syphoned by another

  7. Allows the return of your own essence

How to do a Cord Cutting...

There are many ways to cut energetic cords to another person from visual meditation to full blown ceremony...


Native Americans have been using smudging techniques to banish negative &

for spiritual cleansing energy for centuries now. Sage is a potent reset herb, think of it like resetting your auric field or environment back to its natural (factory) settings. I always recommend to 'fill the space' sage makes with the energy, vibe or intention you want. I suggest pairing with Palo Santo for positive vibes, Rosemay for protection and clarity (rosemary is like all-purpose seasoning or quartz in the magical herbal community you can use it as a substitute for almost anything!!!... that's why I cook with it almost every day). You can take Salt/Spiritual bath afterwards, anoint yourself with natural oils or your favourite fragrance...


Sage Smudge Stick

A Quiet Space

A Open Window!

Feather (optional)

A Dish to collect the ash


Light you sage, blow out the flame and use your hand or the feather to waft the smoke over you (you can do a s'cutting' motion to symbolise the severing of the cords).... Walk through your home too if you feel too and clear each room, especially any you might have been with that person (like your bedroom... even do your!!!)

You can vocally or silently in your head state the you are severing all cords that do not serve your highest good, you could pre-write a statement or use the chant below;

"I cut these cords & ties that bind

Give you what's yours

take back what's mine

With a loving heart I call to thee

come back to me my energy

May you enjoy the life you choose

I unhook these cords you are removed

By Land, by Wind, by Flame & Sea

this is sealed & done

So it Shall Be"

(By Lianne Crawford aka Li High Pri)



If you are someone who meditates or even if you just have a good imagination and are able

to visualise, you can use this to cut cords which no longer serve you. There are so many guided meditations on Youtube focused around cord cutting, you could choose one as a guidance.


A quiet place where you won't be disturbed

Your favourite crystals (Optional;Black Obsidian, Selenite are 2 good ones for this)

Selenite stick, wand or knife (optional)

A 'cutting tool' i.e scissors, knife, dagger! etc (optional)

Guided meditation (optional)

(you can create a sacred space/Altar for the meditation if you feel called too)


There are so many ways to do a visual cord cutting meditation, you could go on Youtube for guidance

Create a scared space with your crystals, incense, music if you wish or go to your Altar!

  1. Firstly take some time to get into a calm & peaceful state and connect with Divine Source, you can ask your Higher Self, & Spirit Guides for support at this time or any archetypes you might work with if this is your practice.

  2. Set your intention, know that you're in this space to cut, severe and transmute all Negative Energy Cords

  3. Visualise the cord(s) that is connecting you to the other person. Take some time to do this, you may notice tension, tugging or tightness in your body particularly at the solar plexus, heart and throat chakras. if you don't feel anything don't worry just focus on the cord itself

  4. You may say a declaration something like " I release all ties that bind and tie me to INSERT NAME/PLACE THING, I call all my energy back to and return what is yours". It doesn't have to be elaborate, just have to mean it truly!

  5. Take your cutting tool and use it to cut the cord with a sweep motion. Focus on where you felt the cord and then from top to toe. If you do not have tool you can ask you guides for one, open your hand and visualise what they give you. Often it is a sword or scissors!

  6. See the cord or cords being severed and what is yours coiling back into you body

  7. Seal this space by visualising golden, green or violet light in this space

  8. Take some to anchor into the feeling of being free from this energy and any lesson you might have learnt.

  9. Give Thanks & Gratitude

This is a very basic guide to a cord-cutting Visual meditation & can be adapted to suit your needs


Journalling has proven to be extremely therapeutic and the power of pen and writing something down brings what is inside us to the outside acting as a bridge between our inner and outer worlds.


-A quiet space

-A Pen

-Some Paper (not a journal)

-A candle

-Heatproof dish (something you can safely burn your paper in; a pot works just as well as cauldron!)


Write down everything that you wish to release, you could write it as a letter to the person or just write down your concerns and reason for severing the energetic cord.

You might write this free flow or you could make a list or mind map, it doesn't matter the format just the intention and that your write truthfully and expressively. Don't hold back if you need too!

Take some time to read what you have written. You might want to combine this with the visual meditation suggested at this point.

Now you are going to take your paper and burn it. FIRE is symbolic of transformation, anything fire touches cannot be the same again and it is the only element that can purify without becoming contained itself! Release that sh#T... !!!



Cord-Cutting Candle rituals can be done when an energetic tie to a negative attachment needs to be severed. This ritual uses various items and tools to 'reconstruct' or 'symbolise' the scenario or intention you wish to set. The candles represent you and the other person and the string is the cord the binds you. I use this on myself and for my clients because it is like an 'active meditation and magic ritual combined making it quite potent.

There are so many methods to do a Candle Cord Cutting, here is a general one to give you an idea and get you started...


-Candles x2

- Matches / Lighter

-Incense / Smudge Stick

-Bowl of Salt


-Fire Proof plate

-Crystals (optional)

-Water / Florida Water / Rose Water

-Music (optional)

-Scissors (optional)

-Herbs; Rosemary, Blue Mallow, Angelica Root, Hyssop, Rue (optional)

-A Quiet Space


-Gather all the items you are going to use and start by cleansing yourself and your space with your smudge stick or incense. Wash you hand in your water.

-You can cast a sacred circle around yourself and say a prayer to The Divine Source, Creator, Ancestors, Spirit Guides, for protection from unwanted energy. Take some to connect with your intention for holding this space and ritual.

-Use you salt and water, sprinkle a little around you for cleaning and grounding.

-If you already have a sacred practice you do before a ritual or spell casting please do this instead! (e.g.If you cast a circle by calling in the elements or quarters do this)

-Take the candle that will represent you can cleanse it first by sprinkling water on it and then by passing it through the smoke of your incense or smudge stick (you may also engrave your initials into the wax). You can add oils and herbs at this stage symbolic of your intentions if you wish to

-Now take your string and tie both candles together, one at each end of the string and place them in candle holders on a heatproof plate or surface. You can also melt the bottom of the candles and stick them to the plate. Be sure that they are secure before lighting!!!

-Take your salt and make a ring around your candle clockwise. This reinforces your protection.

-Now light both candle and allow them to burn down. Some practitioners will use scissors to cut the string and then allow the candle to burn up the remaining cord, do what feels right to you.

-Now wait until the cord catches flames, if this seems to be taking long or not happening, use you scissors to cut or move the cord closer to the flame taking care not to get burnt!

-Allow the candle to burn all the way out

-Thank your Guides & Creator for their presence and support, close your circle and the ritual is complete

-Now all thats left is to clean up, dispose of the wax by flushing down the toilet or taking straight out to the bins. Some may discard into a flowing stream, lake, river etc... but assess the impact on nature first! Most of the ingredients are degradable so it should fine.

-You are now de-corded...well done....I suggest doing something nice for yourself; watch your favourite movie, have a nice bath, go for a walk....etc

CAUTION!; Do not leave this candle ritual unattended and be sure to perform it away from flammable items. It would probably not be a good idea to do near curtains or on carpeted floor! Use Discernment!


Well now you are well prepared to begin clearing and cleansing yourself of any negative Etheric/Energetic Cords. Remember some cords are more difficult to cut than others and may require a few attempts, while others cannot be severed until the lesson attached to it has been learnt . It is also possible for cords to re-attach so in the days after your cord cutting pay attention to you feelings, moods and thoughts.

I also offer a cord cutting service with various packages where I do the ritual on your behalf and give you intuitive guidance on how to protect yourself and perform the ritual if need be in the future.

I hope you find this guide useful ...

Love & Honour
Li High Pri
N A T U R A L ☥ M Y S T I C

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