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Baby Shadow..I heard her cry.

Updated: Nov 7, 2022

It's the day after the full moon in Cancer and, well.........yhhhhhhh luv....lolllll

And that there is one of what it is, the sarcasm, the light I make out my dark is blocking my ability to heal.

I thought that being strong was letting go of all the bad stuff, but see the thing is, yesterday I realised that.

There were time that she wanted to scream out, but I never ever let her. Not once. Not in healthy way.

This the dark side of my Capricorn Moon.....we hold it down and then explode on things and people in a way that makes us look....irrational. Because we never spoke about the pain. We never even let it manifest on our faces.

We cry when we get to the top of mountain and can rest on security! Lol

I have spent the best part of 16 years avoiding feelings!

I held on to that and let go of people, and even though doing this speeded up my spiritual growth, the next part of my ascension requires me to get my head out of the clouds and come back down to earth, rest into my body and feel its message.

There is great wisdom in sensation!

Feelings are messages, but the mind, the mental activity wants to categorise, label and interpret.

I labelled it as not worth it, and in doing that I completely invalidated a part of my life that shaped me and therefore, didn't see its affect.

I've spent so much time healing.... yes, also avoiding my deepest wound.

Though that may have served me then, a new cycle has to be initiated.

One where I authentically honour all of myself and allow us expression !

All of you is welcomed here

Li | NATURAL MYSTIC | The Spirit Journalist

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