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Why do you turn a blind eye when it comes to me? Why am I the least protected?

Why does my trauma get overlooked?

Why is it so easy for you to neglect me?

Why do I come last on your list of priorities?

Why am I not viewed by you as a Queen?

Why is my hairstyle even a topic of discussion?

Why is my attitude deemed aggressive no matter what I say or do?

Why are you afraid to come to my rescue?

Why does my skin tone matter to you when choosing a potential wife?

Why do I feel like my ass has to be big to keep your attention?

Why do you sing along with songs that references me as a bitch and a hoe?

Why do sing along with you?

Why is me being independent an issue?

Why do I make 75 cents to every dollar you make?

Why do you consider me a failure if I never marry or have children?

Why do you only seem to value me when it comes to sex?

Why does this post make you feel guilty?

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Alexis Caballero
Alexis Caballero
Aug 14, 2020

Amazing read love this


Lianne Crawford
Lianne Crawford
Aug 14, 2020

Wow! I have actually asked many of these questions! Written in journal about this topic.

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