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Seichem Reiki I - Beginner's Level




1 Day

About the Course

In Seichem Reiki beginners level is for those who are new to the enrgy healing, want to re-connect to the flow of energy or Reiki Practitioners who would like to learn about Seichem also

Seichem connect use to the Ancient Egyptian Healing system which incorporate Reiki as is foundation

In this course you receive the following

  • The history of Reiki & Seichem

  • The 5 Reiki Principles

  • The 7 Chakra Energy Centres

  • You will receive Seichem Reiki I attunement

  • Violet Flame Attunement

  • How to conduct a Self-healing treatment

  • How to conduct a SeichemReiki treatment on others

  • Learn various treatment techniques

  • Time to practice on others in class

  • Treatment on children and pets

  • Seichem Reiki 1 Manual

  • Accredited Seichem Reiki 1 Certificate

  • Access to Reiki Group

  • Life-time support from your Tutor

This course is Accredited with the IPHM - International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine &

RASA - The Reiki and Seichem Association, upon completion of this course students will be able to join the associations


Your Instructor

Lianne Crawford

Lianne Crawford

Seichem Reiki is a powerful healing energy originating from Ancient Egypt that incorporates all elemental rays, this helps to recalibrate our energy bodies, clear and re-calibrate chakras, connect us to our Higher Selves and so much more... I am an Intuitive healer and energy alchemist, training as a Seichem Reiki practitioner in 2014, I became a Seichem Reiki Master so that I can each & share this healing energy with as many people as possible.

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