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The Spiritual Meaning of SPRING EQUINOX + Mini Rituals to honour the Season!

Updated: Mar 20, 2022

The change is happening...

"The Uprising is turning, the ground and that which rested below the surface is beginning to rise. The sleeping creatures are waking and the blossoms are budding in preparation for the full creative display of the beauty they rose up out of the darkness with."

( Lianne aka Li High Pri)

The Annual Cycle of the Sun begins as we begin to tip over into more light than the darkness we have been facing at winter.

The movement of the sun into the zodiac sign of Aries (Aries Ingress) is the start of the astrological New Year marking what we call the Spring Equinox also know as Ostara & the Vernal Equinox, around the 20th/21st March.

This year in 2022, we will be moving into the new year on the 20th March...!

The word 'equinox; comes the Latin word aequinoctium; aequi meaning ‘equal’ and nox or noct meaning ‘night" and on each equinox that is exactly what we have, a day of equal daytime and nighttime!

The Spring and Autumn Equinoxes are symbolic of a time of balance and harmony, where the light and the dark, the masculine and the feminine, yin and yang come together in equally for one day.

At Autumn we shift into longer nights, representing the feminine and a time for harvest in preparation for going within, deep into the cosmic womb.

At Spring we rise up out the darkness with longer days representing the masculine, active force. We push through the surface and a rebirth, renewed and ready to begin a new journey!

After the dark, coldness of winter, where we are reflecting & planting seeds of intention for the future, we move towards seeing the first sprouts or buds of these intentions at spring time. Spring equinox moves us into a period of increasing light and marks the cycle of new beginnings. The sun, each day will rise a little higher in the sky until it reaches its peak point at Summer Solstice.

The path of the Sun through the zodiac signs, solstices and equinoxes serves as visual reminder for our own internal journey of transformation, transcendence and living in our purpose.

The sign that brings this energy in each year is Aries, the pioneer & spiritual warrior, this sign which burst forth from the cosmic, dreamy, (maybe delusional) watery womb (pisces) declaring "I AM"....

So what are you declaring you are at this time? What ideas have been coming to the surface, where does your inner Divine Spark desire to go?

At spring time we begin to see new life 'spring' forward into being, we might to start noticing a feeling of 'the fog lifting' and 'light returning' to our ideas, plans desires and goals. Much like the animals that awaken from their winter slumber ready to begin for the year, but we had to go deep within during the winter solstice period in order to reflect, release, rest and rejuvenate for the new coming year.

The return of the light can also be seen in Nature as she begin to adorn herself in flower blossoms and buds, tulips, daffodils, hyacinth, bluebells, the leaves of the trees begin to return and blue hue in the sky is becoming brighter each day.

The concept of renewal and ressurection can be seen throughout the ages, with the most recent being the the story of Jesus rising from the dead. This mirrors many other ancient mythologies including the return of Persephone and Inanna at spring time after spending a period of time (seasons) in the Underworld.

In Egypt we have to story of Isis and Osiris, Divine Lovers. Osiris was murdered by his brother Set and his body severed into 7 pieces and scattered across the world. It was the love of his Divine Counterpart and her devotion that moved her to set out on a journey retrieve his body and bring him back to life. Isis went through many trials and challenges with the support of her team; Thoth, Anubis and sister Nephtys, Osiris was resurrected as Lord of The Underworld.

a picture of a stone carving of the goddess Inanna
Inanna sumerian goddess

In Ancient Sumeria we have the myth of Inannah's Decent to the Underworld where she meet with her sister Dark Goddess Ereshkigal. In this story Inanna is killed by her sister who is her shadow and also Initiator, but through receiving compassion which Ereshkigal had never previously known, she revived her sister (and symbolically herself and own light!) who then rose again with the knowledge and power of Ereshkigal!!!

Spring Equinox is a time to celebrate the return or rebirth of the light within and reflects back to us in nature outside of ourselves. There is no separation!



"Life is but a stage and we are merely players".. (Shakespeare)

Exploring some of the stories and myths surrounding this season would be a great way to tap into your own inner child and also provide some deep and powerful insights for yourself personally. Choose one of the deities mentioned or do your own research to find one that intrigues you, or that you connect with. Take time to explore the myth, you could read about it or listen to a YouTube video. Look for common themes within your own life that you might resonate with.


Altars or sacred spaces are a powerful to connect with and bring energies into our home with a specific intention.

Altars and the items we choose to place on them act as symbolic representation of something we are currently desiring to manifest, embody or anchored into reality. The items serve as visual cues, reminders of this and therefore on a psychological level help to reprogram the brain each time we sit with, meditative or even just glimpse the altar space in passing.

Some ideas for your Altar:


New beginnings, Seeds, Balance, Light & Dark, Masculine & Feminine, Fertility, Dreams, Resurrection, Renewal


Clear Quartz, Fire Agate, Citrine

Food Items

Seeds, Graings, Berries, Hot cross buns!, Eggs


Bluebells, Daffodils, Tulips, Hyacinth, Apple Blossom, mint


Yellow, green, White, Blue


Inannah, Persephone, Eostre, Freya, Asae Yaa

When crafting your sacred space think about what your intention and desires are? Do you wish to connect to the energy of the season or maybe a specific deity connected to the season. You might what to create change in your life somewhere, plant new seeds, what ever it is once you have this firmly in your mind think about what symbols might align with this.

For example if I want to creat order and balance I might place my statue of Maat my Altar, or if I what to bring something into life then the marble egg I have. If I am looking for clarity I will put a knife or a sword...etc


Take time to honour the days by waking up just before sunrise so you can watch it and embrace the shift in season.


Get a pen and a piece of paper and write down 50-100 things that you what like to do, be, places you would go...etc! If your life had absolutely no limits on it right now, what would you want to do?


Water is a cleanser, spiritual baths are my go to for many reasons and needs. We underestimate the power that a simple quick shower or bath can have with intention to clear away all negative energy of the day.

Adding ingredients can set the tone, intention and lend its magic to support us. Honour this time of rebirth & renewal by taking a ritual bath...

Essential oils such as mint, rosemary, eucalyptus and lavender work well.

You can try boiling up fresh herbs:





Add to a large pot, cover with water and boil. Once boiling tun down to a simmer and cover.

You will know when it's ready once the 'water changes colour'.

Take this and add to you bath

I use this recipe often and it actually tastes quite nice, it's literally like bathing in a pot herbal tea... Divine.. lol

Experiment with other herbs, flowers, roots etc .. you will find many combinations that work and others that do not...

You can also add crystals such as, Citrine, Amethyst and Clear Quartz, but be sure your crystal is safe to go into water!


A vision board is a representation of goals and desires you wish to manifest using images and/or words.

You can make a physical vision board by collecting pictures, photos and images and forming them into a collage on a large piece of poster board. You could get even more creative and use an old box or photo frame. Old magazines and newspapers are useful for gathering images and words, or you can could print off photos to form your vision board.

You could also create a digital vision board by using a an app that allows you to create photo collages and combine all your photos into that. This is perfect for keeping as a screensaver!

Why not make it into a mini ritual but creating sacred space, playing your favourite music and lighting some candles and an incense.

If you are unsure of your goals and wishes take some time to journal them down or to create a list as mentioned before.


As we enter the new year why not take some time to clear out the clutter in your home, the rid of all that is not used or useful. Clear and clean out the corners as thats often where negative energies or entities tend to gather!

Use lemons, rosemary, lavender and/or mint to make a cleansing floor wash that also invites positive energy and opportunities towards you. You can use the actually fruit, herb or flower and cover with boiling water, or add essential oils. If using essential oils you could also add the oil to some salt first and then to the water as this will help the oils disperse better and you have the added protection that salt brings!


Now that the sun is beginning to rise higher each day will (in become warmer, so now is the perfect time to top up in vitamin D! Getting out into nature has proven to help reduce stress, anxiety and bring the body back into equilibrium. Go outside and notice the changes that are happening in nature and how they are a reflection of what is happening within.

March 21st is International Forests Day, so if you have a forest, common are park near you why not get out and honour the beauty of Nature herself

However you choose to honour the change of the season, be sure to also include honour your own internal cycles and changes!

Love & Honour

Li High Pri ❤🌹

N A T U R A L ☥ M Y S T I C

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natalie quamina
natalie quamina
Mar 23, 2022

This is great , thank you💖

Lianne Crawford
Lianne Crawford
Mar 23, 2022
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Thank you hun, hope it was useful for you 💯💛🌹

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