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Full Moon in Virgo 2021 Feb 27th 2021

Updated: Feb 26, 2021

At 8:17pm GMT, Feb 27th 2021 we will have a Full Moon in Virgo...

This is the sign of The Virgin Mother, and she is concerned with what we are ‘putting in’ and what we are ‘getting out’. She is the medicine woman, the one who has a herb, flower, spice or yoga pose to improve your health or mood. She helps us with our inner work so that we may manifest our innate skills, talent and abilities to be of service to all.

Her body is her temple, nature is her altar and only that which is fit for a temple may enter: mind, body and soul.

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Virgo has the label of being the zodiac's 'perfectionist' and while we know that perfection is an unobtainable abstract concept, try to tell anyone with this energy strong in their charts!!!

We need this energy, to tell us when enough is enough, it’s time to eat healthily, exercise, forgive, let go, change around, create boundaries, delete that narcissist’s number…..ahem….lol….

All of this will be a major theme with this full moon allowing us to get prepared for the Spring Equinox and brand new beginnings!

Virgo opposes Pisces, the sign that is closest to the divine, she channels this divinity to manifest divine order on earth.

She is an Earth Angel…the one that shows you where you went wrong so you can make better. Pisces is the ‘divine’ in the ‘service’ Virgo delivers, but Pisces also rules delusion so watch out for the critic creeping out of the darker side of Virgo.

This is the one who ‘can’t see the woods for the tree’….s/he spends so much time on getting caught up in the details s/he misses the big picture. S/he cannot see the beauty of the whole tapestry because s/he is focused on the one fraying thread that hangs out of place!!!

Pisces is where the sun is right now and in pisces we are fluid, moulding to the container we are surrounded by, being a mutable (changeable) water sign Piscean's are always in their 'feely' feels and that is why Pisces is the dreamer, the poet, the psychic. In Piscean energy we find our inner creativity because this is the energy of imagination the moment before the creator stated I AM!

What is your "I AM" statement before your mind started to whisper... “You Should…..”?

If you can’t answer this question with words, allow Mamma Moon energy to help you to feel the answer!

This Full Moon will help to ground all the floating thoughts and feels, but it is important to remember to take things slowly, surrender and be open to to your Inner Guide whom will show you where to let go and where to hold on. Where you need creative express and where you need divine order!

The ultimate power of Pisces is Surrender to the Divine, and the ultimate power of Virgo to create divine order…so in this we can see the need surrender to the divine order you are being guided by your High Self to create. Sacred space is being made but sometimes destruction is needed for growth The land must be ploughed and the weeds removed before seeds can be sown!

This is what has been happening on a subtle level for a while; becoming aware of where we have fallen short, observed our flaws, met our demons in self and other but now… we have all the necessary information to make that change and get our sugar together.

How do we do this….Be Kind to yourself!!! But be True!

For some this may be challenging as we realise that we have to let go of what we love, come out of our comfort zones and shine the light on our shadows....and have no idea of where it will lead!;


"person who holds you hostage to the past or just becomes toxic by their proximity; an actual or psychological place we hold on to that we need to leave behind; or a thing that we use to escape exactly what we need to face. All of these nouns that have us in unhealthy attachments and hold our creativity hostage will come to light. Piscean energy can be heaven or hell, that all depends on the quality of the consciousness creating it, just remember…what we think we become!"



Virgo is ruled by the sign of mercury who will be close to Saturn & Pluto lending its support as we sift through what serves us and what doesn’t. Write it all down. Make a list of what needs to be done and what needs to be discarded and then…prioritise!


With the dreamy planet of Neptune opposite this moon it can be easy to drift away. Whether you go to heaven or hell is entirely up to you, but while we become aware of areas we need to improve really sit for a moment; ’see’ it your mind and ‘feel’ it as if it had already happened.


Virgo. The Maiden is concerned with service and self-care,Virgo is the energy that rules the little rituals we do each day, if you have been thrown out of your usual routine in some way for whatever reason, need to establish or refine an existing routine, then now is a great time to start to so. Little changes each day can make a great difference at improving our environment both inside and out!


Why not try to become more green minded. Drop the store bought face scrub and make your own. Change teabags for lemon and hot water. Where have things gotten wayyyyyy to complicated and unnecessary? How can you simplify your life and bring purity into your body?


Just Do it !!!!! You don't have been out here lifting weight (unless you want to of course!) but what is important is that you get your body moving! Listen to your body, if you have lots of energy or need to cultivate more, put on your favourite song and dance, do an aerobics class on youtube. If you are wanting more peace for example, try yoga!


Virgo is the sign of Mutable (changeable) Earth, this make me think of sand, pebbles, crystals and salt. All of these are movable aspects of the earth element.

Salt is used for purifying and protecting in the magic world, why not make a bath using some sea-salt, Epsom salts, Pink Himalayan Salt or Dead Sea salt?

All of these have great benefits, and by charging with your intentions adding some essential oils and/or herbs you have just made an all-purpose purifier!

Soak and contemplate where you wish to bring order to your life….add some sugar to the bath and sweeten your aura, speak kind, empowering and compassionate words to yourself. Forgive yourself for where you may have fallen short and declare how you intend to create DIVINE ORDER.

Light a candle and you have a little ritual already….

Love & Light & Truth….x

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